For the Good of the Order

Unsent letters

I know this is stupid writing letters to you guys but I met an adventurer who said he kept sane by sending letters to his beloved dead wife. It made me think of you. I know you have been watching me. You know that I am working for the empire as part of a secret team. We travel the world and send back reports of threats to the empire. I still get sick every time i use the tatoo. You know that they promised us land for 10 years of service. I just hope to survive that long.

I met a girl. It turns out she is a land owner. She is great. When I met her she was scared. I saw something change in her when I had to tell her that her parents were gone. She is very strong like you mom. If i can earn the land then maybe some day I can make something of my self and offer her a life.

These letters help me calm down and keep my mind straight. I never realized how much corruption was in the empire. It is everywhere. Things just don’t work like they are supposed to. I promise to fix what I can and never become a part of the political mess.

I promise to keep writing and

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